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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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Problems Leading To Malfunction Of USB Memory Sticks:

USB memory sticks, like their internal counterparts, do suffer faults and as such regardless of how careful you are in caring for the USB stick it may still fail to function correctly when connected to a host device via a USB adapter. The reasons for this may be because of a problem with the onboard circuitry or because of an issue with device’s firmware. Whatever the reasons though we here at Cambridge data recovery can help you recover the data and save it to a media of your choosing.

USB Memory Stick Pin & Connector Destruction:

The connectors and pins inside a USB stick attach to the USB adapter that is then inserted into the USB host device such as a desktop computer or laptop. These connectors are situated on the end of the circuit board inside the USB stick and receive the information that has been saved within the NAND flash memory chips that are connected together using solder circuits. Problems may arise if these connections are broken because of extreme heat or cold damaging the solder.

USB Memory Stick Flash Memory Degraded:

The flash memory chips inside a USB stick are the one part of the device that can result in the loss of the data on a permanent basis if they are damaged. To which end if the USB memory stick you are using begins to fail we recommend you try and have it recovered as quickly as possible. If it is the case that the data on the stick is still being recognised but is not accessible then we may still be able to recover it and save it elsewhere for you. We do suggest though that if you discover a problem with the memory stick you remove it from the host device and keep it in a safe place where it cannot be used in error until such times as you can have us here at Cambridge data recovery look at it.

USB Memory Stick Mistakenly Wiped:

It is unfortunate that the users of memory sticks can delete the material saved on them with the simple click of a mouse button. And once the button has been pressed it is difficult if not impossible to retrieve the data through conventional means. Many sites on the Internet offer data recovery software that can recover the data in part but cannot guarantee its complete restoration and as such we would advise against the purchase of such software. In some instances the software can actually make the problem worse by duplicating bad sectors of information while trying to recover it.

Unable to Copy Data and Files Randomly Appearing and Disappearing:

If you have a memory stick that shows the files and folders upon one installation and then fails to display them next time around then it is likely that there is a problem with the stick and it is probably degrading. Degradation does happen to USB sticks over time especially if they are heavily used but in addition to this the firmware that governs their correct function can fail or become corrupt. We are asked by clients using USB sticks on a regular basis if we can recover the data from degrading memory sticks and can do using sophisticated memory chip reading technology as well as having a wealth of engineering experience to fall back on. It may also be the case that there is an underlying issue with the operating system that you are using, such as the corruption of important system files due to bad sectors on the hard drive or because of an installation of new or upgraded software that has not worked correctly. To this end contact us here at Cambridge data recovery and we will be happy to recover your data to another media and offer advice on how to deal with an operating system that has developed issues because of faulty or missing system files.

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