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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Raid Server Issues On A Day And Daily Basis:

Here at Cambridge data recovery we are often asked to help our clients with problems that have arisen with their RAID servers. These problems often arise as a result of hardware failures and can often come in the form of hard drives within the array that are no longer able to produce or save mirrored images. A RAID server’s primary purpose is to allow multiple users to have access to the same files at the same time and allow changes to be made to these files. With that in mind we find that we are asked to help recover data from RAID drives that have failed and left the mirroring process incomplete.

RAID Hard Drive Array Pitfalls:

When a RAID device fails as the result of a hardware issue it can be because of problems with spindle problems, Read/Write head issues or problems relating to the spinning of the platters onto which the data is stored. RAID arrays can fail if one or more drives are incapable of creating mirrored images at the same time and as a result the users are unable to make changes to, or edit the files contained on these drives. We at Cambridge data recovery are often tasked with the job of recovering data from failed RAID drives that have stopped working because of a hardware issue such as those we have described.

Rebuilding A RAID Array And Subsequent Problems That May Occur:

Without doubt the main reason many of our RAID clients come back to us is the fact that the rebuilding of a RAID device is not always successful. This does not have any bearing on the abilities of the IT personnel involved; it is simply a case that RAID rebuilds often develop problems that can be unpredictable and without any previous warning signs. Having rebuilt the array and replaced the drives the rebuild process may be rendered incomplete if the disk management utility is unable to finish the mounting process. Often there may be a simple explanation for this or it may be something to do with an additional hardware problem such as a faulty RAID controller card. We are asked to assist in the recovery of the data from RAID drives as well as being asked to come on-site to oversee the rebuild.

RAID Cabling, Board or Firmware Hurdles:

RAID arrays are prone to the same kind of problems with cables, onboard PCBs and firmware as those encountered by a desktop computer. Be it a problem with a ribbon cable that is no longer passing information from the drives to the motherboard, a printed circuit board that has been damaged because of a power surge or simply too much use, or firmware that has been corrupted, we are on hand to help our RAID clients were necessary. We can also help oversee the rebuild process if it is necessary to reseat the components in the array to ensure everything is functioning correctly before a rebuild is attempted.

Not Recognisable Or Missing RAID Partition:

RAID partitions may disappear and as a result valuable information lost if there has been a failure within the RAID controller card. The controller card’s main purpose is to facilitate the use of a greater number of hard drives than the motherboard can cope with – if you or your company are using an older RAID array. Failing controller cards may not allow complete reading of hard drives or may not read all of the hard drives in an array and as well as leaving the users unable to save any information to the array to be mirrored it may also render them unable to access information either. To this end we are on hand to help recover data that cannot be access because of a drive fault and can also ensure that the correct controller card replacement is found.

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