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Personal Computer Hard Disk Drive Impediments:

PC hard drive failures are sadly common as we here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk are only too willing to testify. We are contacted daily by numerous clients – new and old – in and around the Cambridge area who have suffered the loss of data because of problems with their hard drives. The hardware and software conflicts that occur can cause the hard drive to stop saving important data or can lead to the inaccessibility of the data that has already been stored to the disk. To this end we are on hand to help those clients retrieve their data from hard drives that would be otherwise consigned to the scrapheap with the data lost permanently, resulting in the loss of productivity.

PC Hard Disk Drive Platter & Cylinder Head Inability To Spin:

If you have switched on your office or home computer today and it has become making a strange noise then it is possible that this is the precursor to a major fault with the hard drive. The audible indicators are not to be ignored and if you are faced with the sound of what appears to be metal grinding against metal then it is possible that the cylinder Read/Write head or the drive platters have been affected by a hardware problem. Normally this sound is an indication that the platters are spinning out of control and are not able to maintain their axis which ultimately means that the information you are sending to the drive will be (a) not accessible next time you try to use it, (b) corrupted and have gaps within it or (c)been completely invisible and unrecognisable to the operating system because bad sectors have been created. We recommend that if you hear such a sound you should power down your computer and contact us here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk where our experts will be able to help diagnose the problem and suggest the best way in which to recover your data.

PC Hard Disk Drive Logic Board & Ribbon Cable Dereliction:

The logic board – otherwise known as the printed circuit board – is attached to the hard drive within your computer. When a problem occurs with this board then it may be the case that the drive is no longer accessible either through the operating system or alternative methods such as using a disk management utility. There may also be instances when the ribbon cable becomes unattached from the hard drive rendering it impossible to read or write to it. Although it is possible to reattach the ribbon cable you should be aware that if it has come loose on its own there is a reason for this; perhaps too much heat being generated inside the PC without the ability for it to escape.

Personal Computer Firmware & Third Party Software Upgrades:

The firmware that is inside your computer is designed to allow all of the devices attached to the motherboard to talk to each other and to function in the correct way. Each peripheral device has its own firmware as does the motherboard and so too does the hard drive. A problem with a firmware program that governs your hard drive may leave you with a hard drive that sounds as though it is working properly but is not able to be accessed. And to this end we here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk are on hand to help with issues relating to the recovery of data that could potentially be lost or damaged because of firmware malfunctions.

Personal Computer Operating System Conflicts With HDD:

The operating system that controls your computer does so on the understanding that all of the files it contains are up to date and without error or degradation. Problems with the files that govern how the operating system works in conjunction with the hardware attached to the computer can lead to devices malfunctioning; no more so than the hard drive on which the operating system is stored. Many users have their operating system on the hard drive without any partitions in effect which means that in the event of bad sectors being recorded then the entire hard drive becomes inaccessible. Indeed when this happens the operating system may simply try to restart itself over and over again and will only cease to do so when the user has intervened. System files that have been corrupted because of bad sectors need to be replaced but without a separate partition in place this can lead to the loss of all data as the drive is formatted. If you are experiencing difficulties as a result of errors within the operating system we recommend shutting down the computer and contacting us here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk. We will be able to help your recover your data in 99.9% of cases and will also be able to offer advice on how to partition your drives so that future operating system installations and user data are kept separate.

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