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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I recently had a problem with my hard drive, and needed to replace it. I bought a new one, took all the data off of the old one, and then installed the new drive where the old one had been. I then tried to open up my saved data so that I could install Windows 7. However, when I ran the flash drive in the USB port, I got a message saying that there had been a drive i/o error, and when I tried it again, I now get a message saying that the drive has no operating system. I put the old drive onto a second computer, and I got the same message. I don’t understand where the operating system and the rest of my data could have gone. It seemed to work fine when I installed it; the problem appears to be the installation of the second hard drive. Can yourselves please get all of the data on the flash drive back so that I can use the data again?


I have a very old computer which runs Windows 2000. I have got this just recently, and decided to upgrade it to a newer system. I ran Windows 7 onto it, and got through the installation process, or so I thought. I uploaded some software and other programs which are costly, and at least one of which is on its last ‘network computer’ usage. The problem is that the system is now not working. I was doing some editing on a Word document, when suddenly the computer and the monitor went off at the same time. I thought that the computer would reboot without me having to do anything, but this time it did not, and I had to press power myself. When I restarted the computer, I found that the Windows 2000 had reappeared, and my Windows 7 program, with all of the new programs that I had just installed, plus other data, has just gone. I can’t recover anything, and I have tried using a variety of discs from Windows 7 and XP. I can’t even get Linux installed on it. Something has gone very wrong, and I want to get all the data recovered from the Windows 7 OS.