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Laptop Hard Drive Problems Encountered On A Daily Basis:

Here at Cambridge data recovery we are often asked to help our clients deal with problems arising as the result of failure to their laptop hard drives. These drives, although manufactured in the same way as those in a desktop machine, are smaller and are designed to fit inside a smaller casing; thus making their components and make-up smaller. With the advantage of portability comes the disadvantage of problems occurring because the laptop has been knocked or damaged on the move. In addition to this physical problems may occur with the hard drive’s components as we will discuss below.

Laptop Hard Drive Failings On A Mechanical Level:

The mechanical failings of a hard drive can come from the failure of many of the internal components that come together to make the drive work. Such components as the Read/Write head, actuator arm, spindle, motor and platter can all be prone to failure just as in an ordinary PC but with the addition of potential problems caused while the laptop is being moved around. Many of our clients have asked us over the years to recover data from laptops that have been treated very carefully but that one in a thousand bump or knock has caused the actuator arm or Read/Write head to fail.

Laptop Drive Fails to Power Up:

A common problem with laptops is that of failing batteries. Some users will continue to use their laptop if the battery fails, by plugging it into the mains. It is reasonable to assume as the user that this is acceptable practice and there is nothing to say it can’t be done however keeping a laptop plugged into the mains does allow for the risk of hard drive failure because of a power surge to increase. A power surge can, and normally does, happen without warning and as such by the time it has happened and has been discovered by the user the amount of excess electricity that has passed through the laptop is such that irreparable damage has been caused to the drive and it’s onboard components.

Laptop Hard Drive Firmware Expiration:

The firmware required to allow a laptop hard drive to function is installed when the hard drive is manufactured. To this end the firmware does not account for any changes that are made to the other devices that the hard drive will come into contact with when sold or added to a computer as part of the whole system. With this in mind there are occasions when the firmware may be out of date or even obsolete. There may even be times when the firmware fails because of corruption or because of conflicts with the operating system. If it should be that your hard drive does not function correctly because of problems with firmware then you may have to have the data on the hard drive recovered. Attempts to reinstall or update the firmware from manufacturer’s websites are not always success and further loss of data can occur.

Laptop Hard Drive In Conflict With Operating System Software:

If you have been using your external hard drive in conjunction with your laptop and files have been appearing and disappearing then it might be that there is a conflict between the operating system and the external HDD. This may be because of a problem reading system files or driver files stored within the operating system or because of an underlying issue with the external drive itself. We here at have been asked many times over the years to help our clients recover data from removable storage devices that have ceased to work because of conflicts with the operating systems to which they have been attached.

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