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Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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What Can Lead To Hard Drive Malfunction?:

There are many reasons as to why your hard drive may suddenly cease to function. Sometimes it may be simply general wear and tear on the device or because of an outside force at work such as dropping the computer whilst in transit, spilling something into it, or incorrect or outdated firmware. Sometimes a device will fail with no reason or explanation available and that is where we at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk come in. Here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk we will diagnose the problem and recover your data so that you can continue with the work you were doing. We might not always be able to save the drive that has failed but we will be in a position to retrieve your data in the most professional and cost effective manner possible.

Mechanical Issues That Can Lead To Hard Drive Failure:

Among the reasons as to why hard drives fail are physical issues that befall the mechanics of the drive. The hard drive is a host of small components all working together to provide you with the ability to access to your data quickly. However, should a problem arise with any of the components within the hard drive, you may find yourself unable to access your data or write to the drive. Problematic read/write heads and platters are among the most commonly identified reasons as to why we at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk are called upon to help our clients recover their data after a hardware failure.

Initialising Issues With Your Hard Drive:

When using a hard drive that has developed a fault it is sometimes the case that the drive itself cannot be properly initialised during the start-up process. The result of this is that the computer may simply continue to reboot itself over and over until you, as the user, intervene because the files required by the operating system to complete the start-up process have been corrupted either by bad sectors on the disk or as the result of problems with the firmware. It is common for users to attempt to repair initialisation errors by using the operating system’s disk inserted into the CD/DVD drive but this can initiate a process whereby all existing data is overwritten and a reinstall performed. If you have difficulty booting your hard drive we recommend talking to us here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk as we have many years experience in recovering the data from drives that would otherwise have been lost.

Hard Drive Onboard Electronics Difficulties:

The PCB operates as the motherboard in your computer does. With a wealth of capacitors, resistors, chips, and a maze of soldered connections the PCB acts as a mini-motherboard; processing the requests of the user via the computer. The PCB’s failure can lead to a complete inability to access the hard drive and you, as the user, may find that you are unable to retrieve the data contained on it. We at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk can help you recover the data from your hard drive if the printed circuit board fails.

Hard Drive Firmware Distortion And/Or Expiration:

Firmware is the program contained either on the platters of a hard drive or it’s printed circuit board. This program is there to ensure the hard drive is able to communicate with the motherboard to which it has been connected. In effect the firmware is the hard drive’s own OS and resolves commands issued and received between it and other devices that it is connected to. Firmware is pre-installed at the factory build stage and is never interfered with again however if a corruption occurs the manufacturer may introduce an upgrade. If you have been experiencing problems with your hard drive because of issues with firmware contacting us here at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk is the first step on the way to ensuring the safe recovery of your data.

Hard Drive Failure Caused By Operating System Conflict:

The operating system in your computer – whether Windows-based or Mac OS – may develop faults in the boot sector or folders containing important start-up information. In the case of a Windows operating system problems arising from missing or corrupt DLLs (Dynamic Link LIbrary Files) can result in the operating refusing to recognise the drive or the data on it. To this end we at www.cambridge-datarecovery.co.uk are here to help should the operating system refuse to communicate with your storage device./p>

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