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Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

My MacBook Pro has developed a problem that has left me without the ability to access my data. I’m using an Apple MacBook Pro with a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint SATA drive that I had a professional install for me when the 500GB drive I had proved not to be enough for storage. I had thought of an external hard drive but I’m on the move a lot and download movies so he suggested a 1TB drive and recommended Samsung. All was well until I dropped the MacBook on the train and since then it has been doing all sorts of weird things. When I switch it on for example it tells me that it needs to run some diagnostics and does so then switches off. When I do manage to get it to stay switched on it won’t let me access all of my movies etc. I have nearly 20GB worth of movies in a folder that I can’t get it. Are they lost or is there a way of getting the stuff back bearing in mind I don’t want to send my computer away or risk losing all of what’s on the disk. I’m happy to pay if the movies and stuff can be gotten off the disk but don’t want to risk an online retrieval program because I keep hearing bad reports.

I have a 1TB HGST Touro Mobile MX3 external drive that has been good to me and has allowed me to store a lot of personal data that I take away with me when I travel aboard. As I travel a lot I wanted something compact and something that worked off the power of whatever I plugged it into and the Touro was recommended to me. I now find myself with an external hard drive that will not power up regardless of what machine or USB capable device I plug it into. I don’t know what to do because I work on the gas and oil pipelines and I have a lot of statistical date on it that I really must get at. Lately when I plug the drive in the power light comes on but that’s it. There’s no sound of it spinning up and nothing else seems to be happening other than the power light being on. Any computer I attach it to just doesn’t register it and I’m stuck. If it is of any help the last computer it functioned on was a work’s computer operating Vista and I downed it correctly so that the drive slowed to a stop before I disconnected it although it did make some clicking sounds a couple of times.