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RAID Server Repair


I bought a refurbished Windows server with a 5 disk array. I installed three drives, and it seemed to record data perfectly, until I noticed that there was something odd going on with the server. The system seems to describe the three drives, as a 2-disk array, and can’t see the third drive at all. I have taken out each of the drives, and tested the individually, finding that there is no problem with any of them. The problem appears to come when the system is joined together. I tried to rebuild the RAID array so that it would spot the disk, but it is still seeing just the two RAID drives. One of them is now described as degraded. After another test, some of the sectors in the drive have been reported as bad, or corrupt, but I can’t see which is the drive responsible for this corruption. I can’t leave a third disk out of the array, as the server won’t work at all if I try that. Due to myself attempting a rebuild can the data still be recovered?


I am running an HP server with a RAID array running over 4 drives. I have a problem with the first drive, which occurred a few months ago, and now have a message saying that a second drive has a problem. Each time I have got the error report, I have taken out the drive which has failed, and then put replaced it back into the server. On both occasions, the drives started to work, but then the array failed totally, and I ended up with data loss. I have rebuilt the array this week in order to recover the data that has been lost from this second drive, and then run a recovery program designed to get data back from the array. The problem appears to be that I am not able to locate any of the data available for the system. Even the drives which were ok seem to have failed now. I have written off the first data loss, but I want to recover as much data as possible from the drives which are still in the server.