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Transcend Flash Drive 8GB
I have bought a Transcend flash drive from Staples shop and was ok with it for the first week but after that I started getting message prompts. The one I keep getting now goes along these lines: The specified I/O operation was not completed before the time-out period expired. I can’t get the error message out and then I just end up pulling the plug on the drive only to go through the same process all over again. It doesn’t get hot nor does it eject itself automatically – it always reverts to the message prompt.

Transcend Flash Drive 16GB
I use this drive on my Mac desktop for a while now. I only use it to transfer some larger office files. I usually put in larger 9-12GB sized files through this a few times a day. One time, I tried to do a textbook file transfer then it went dead without warning. It didn’t have a prompt or anything, just stopped working altogether. Is there a way that yourselves can bypass this faulty flash drive to retrieve some files stored on it? I just need to get a couple of files that are stored here and then I could care less if this thing was chucked out into the trash.