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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I am using a Buffalo Linkstation which has been set up with an array for at least 6 months. Ever since I set it up the hard drives as a RAID 0 array, there has been some kind of problem with the system. I am now finding that I can’t view data from the drives, as the system is going so slowly that the program times out before the data is loaded. I also get program not responding notices all the time. I have tried drive recovery, but the tests all say that there is nothing wrong with the drives. I tried to view the drives individually, and they both seemed to be fine. I then replaced it into the Buffalo array, and found that the situation is now even worse than before. The drive won’t format, it won’t open up, none of the data is available, it seems completely dead. The only ray of hope is that I can see the drive in BIOS, but I still can’t access it. As I have a RAID 0 system, loss of the hard drives could mean loss of data, and I want to prevent this as much as possible.


I have been using a server which has several hard drives configured in an array. I use 2 of the hard drives in a RAID 0 system, and the others are set up into RAID 5. I wanted to create a backup for the server so that, if there was an error, I would still be able to recover all of my data. I decided to do this using a spare hard drive in order to create a mirror inside the array. I put it into the server, and started the configuration process. I had to wait a long time for the mirror to be set up, and then I got a message from the computer saying that my RAID 0 drives needed to be rebuilt. I thought that was a bit odd, as I didn’t think that it was possible to rebuild RAID 0 drives, but I agreed. As the process started, another message appeared saying that the rebuild has failed. It now seems that the data on the drives has been completely overwritten, mostly with garbage. The computer thinks that the data is corrupt, unsurprisingly. I have to get the data off of the drive.