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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid 0 Recovery

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Raid 0 Server Issues On A Day And Daily Basis:

RAID 0 systems are complex and subsequently hard drive failure in RAID systems do occur. There is a range of problems which can cause data loss. Here are some early warning signs data loss is about to happen: 1. Raid Power Surge. 2. Loss of RAID configuration settings. 3. Raid rebuild error. 4. Multiple disk failure. 5. Missing partition. There are more problems where RAID hard drive data loss are concerned. In short if you believe you are on the verge of a crash you should call us and talk to one of our data recovery experts. Early intervention is important to successful data retrieval from a crashed RAID hard drive. Problems we Experience with RAID hard disks Though the list is not extensive, when we receive a data recovery project where a RAID hard drive is concerned, it is normally down to one of the reasons shown below:

RAID 0 Hard Drive Array Pitfalls:

When a mechanical failure has occurred on a RAID 0 hard disk, like other hard disks it makes a noise. Grinding sounds indicate the read / write heads have seen better days, while buzzes and beeps indicate the motor is no longer with us. Whatever the reason we can recover this data and have shown considerable success in doing so. Call us today.

Rebuilding A RAID 0 Array And Subsequent Problems That May Occur:

This is the number 1 reason we receive RAID hard drives in for data recovery: RAID-0 rebuild procedures which go wrong. It is important to remember that unless all the components are working to a 100% capacity, the rebuild project will fail. When you undertake a project such as this one your data is always at risk. Fortunately, we are good at recovering data should a problem of this kind occur. Call us today and let us recover your data.

RAID 0 Cabling, Board or Firmware Hurdles:

Hard drives of all types are prone to electrical power damage and RAID 0 HDDs are no exception. It only takes a power spike from the mains or the wrong power supply connected to your RAID system to fry a few circuits. Firmware corruption is another hard drive plague we can do without. This can happen if the firmware on the hard drive is upgraded. The thing about firmware is that it connects your system software to your hard drive. The platters which store the firmware can and do become corrupted. Both of these result in data loss. You’ll be pleased to know that we can save the data from either of these eventualities. Call us today to begin.

Not Recognisable Or Missing RAID 0 Partition:

There are a number of reasons why either of these two eventualities can occur. Rebuilds as we have stated are at the top of the list, but disk replacements that did not go according to plan, and system upgrades are not far behind. Couple that with failing RAID controllers and RAID cards failing to boot the system and you have yourself a real mess. Thankfully, we can recover a high percentage of data from all of these problems, and in the case of partial or full rebuilds all of it. Call us today to learn more. RAID 0 HDD Recovery No matter what kind of problem your RAID hard drives’ experience we can help. We are a team of experts. We have high success rates. Call us today.

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