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Sony Laptop Data Recovery


I recently bought a new Sony Vaio laptop which is running a Windows 8 operating system. Despite the bad things I have heard about the OS, I don’t mind it. However, today I am having a problem. My dissertation which I have been working on for 3 years now has gone missing from My Docs folder. I have searched the hard drive for the word document and I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked in recycle bin just in case I deleted it by mistake but is not there.


I have a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop, which is trying to run a repair on startup, and is repeatedly failing. It sends me a message at the end of the repair session saying that ‘The computer’s hardware might not support booting to the disk’. That disk is my hard drive, and it contains the OS and the recovery partition. I don’t know quite what is wrong, but it is clearly something to do with the hard drive in the laptop. I also have an external hard drive, but this has not been plugged in on several occasions when this repair has been attempted. When the system publishes this error to the screen, it hangs for about 10 minutes, and then shuts down. I have not been able to find a reason why the hard drive is not working, in fact I took it out into another system, and it seems to be working alright. I could not access the data because it is password protected, but I could see the files in BIOS.