Tendring Data Recovery

Data Recovery Tendring: Have you recently installed a new operating system only to find that it no longer recognises your existing hard drive and other storage devices? Are you unable to access the data you need because the operating system says it isn’t there? If the answer is yes you need the assistance of the premier data recovery solutions provider in the Tendring and Essex area. Call our team of specialist engineers today on 01223 655015 for more information, an initial assessment and a free no obligation quote.

When it comes to operating systems the times they are most definitely changing and with them a whole new set of problems for those computer users who have updated their operating systems whilst not considering any possible implications that might befall their storage devices. Our data recovery Tendring engineers are only too aware of the fact that some operating systems now are no longer acknowledging the existence of certain hard drives and storage devices because of an incompatibility with drivers and licences etc.

With over 16 years’ experience our data recovery Tendring engineers remember the good old days when you could install your operating system and any storage device would work alongside it in tandem. That sadly is no longer the case especially with the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 which, for reasons best known to their developers, don’t always acknowledge the existence of the hard drives that have been connected to them. This is also the same for many printers, USB devices and peripherals.

This presents a big downside if you are a computer user who has decided to install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 to keep up to date with the latest developments in software as it can render the host drive useless after the installation – and in some cases – halfway through the installation – meaning that it may be necessary for you to engage the services of our premier hard drive recovery service.

It didn’t mention incompatibility on the download screen!

Our data recovery Tendring engineers have been called upon by both business and domestic computer users to help recover data from hard drives and storage devices that are no longer operational because they have been rendered unusable by Windows 8.1. This is not us casting aspersions towards a manufacturer – this is a well documented and unavoidable fact.

If you have recently installed or are in the middle of an installation of a new operating system and have found your hard drive will not respond then we recommend switching the machine off and ensuring it cannot be used by any other user. Call our team of data recovery Tendring engineers on 01223 655015 and a member of our team will offer advice as well as a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and a no obligation quotation (there may be an additional charge if the drive has been subject to mechanical failure). If you are happy that we can recover the data from this drive and do so successfully and wish us to proceed we ask that you send the drive to us here at our data recovery Tendring and Essex centre. You can do this by post, courier or in person if you live/work close by.

Once we have the drive our data recovery Tendring personnel will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you with a comprehensive overview of the problem and all the data that can be successfully recovered. (If we cannot recover the data to data DVDS for matters of size we may ask you to purchase an external storage device). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment to us by BACS, credit or debit card (we do not accept PayPal) and on receipt of payment we will recover and return your data to you by next day courier. For more information and for a no hassle no obligation quote call our team today on 01223 655015; our data recovery centre and telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).