St Edmundsbury Data Recovery

Data Recovery St Edmundsbury: Having specialised in the recovery of data from a whole host of storage devices for the last 16+ years our team of engineers are now second to none when it comes to providing you with the data recovery service you need. From desktop PCs to mainframes and everything in between we have been responsible for the retrieval of many thousands of terabytes of data that would have otherwise been written off as lost. To find out more about how we can help reunite you with your data and for a no obligation quote call us today on 01223 655015.

Computers as we know are here to stay; they might get smaller and more compact but overall they will not be going anywhere in a hurry regardless of the advances in tablet technology. With this in mind our data recovery St Edmundsbury engineers still have plenty of requests from clients just like you who have found that their hard drive or similar such storage device has refused them access to the important data they need.

Our data recovery St Edmundsbury engineers deal with the recovery of data from every conceivable storage device you can think of from the huge mainframe systems right down to laptops and new laptop/tablet technology – in essence anything which contains a hard drive or the capability to store data.

Regardless of whether the drive is SATA, IDE, ATA or SCSI we can recover the data from them and return it to you on a new media allowing you to carry on with what you were doing before the crash occurred and indeed our hard drive recovery solutions are such that we can recover data from even the oldest of hard drives that have managed to stay functioning for this long – and trust us when we say we have recovered data from some pretty old devices over the years.

My hard drive is showing no signs of life – how can you recover my data from it?

Obviously we have our little secrets but what we can say is this – our data recovery St Edmundsbury engineers have a set of bespoke techniques as well as the most up-to-date technology available that when used together make it possible to recover the data you need. We incorporate forensic computing and reverse engineering into the mix as well thus ensuring the highest level of success when it comes to the data recovery process.

If you have lost data or find data inaccessible after a hard drive has failed then call our data recovery St Edmundsbury team today on 01223 655015. A member of our team will explain the options available to you, provide you with a no obligation quote (including any additional charges for the recovery of data from mechanically damaged drives) and a preliminary diagnosis of the problem. If you want us to continue with the recovery we ask that you send the drive to us here at our St Edmundsbury and Suffolk recovery centre and you can do this by post, courier or in person if you live/work in the area.

Having taken delivery of the drive (storage device) our data recovery St Edmundsbury team will make a final diagnosis of the problem and communicate with you via email. The email we send will include a detailed list of all the data that can be recovered and if you are happy for us to continue we ask that you make payment to us by BACS or credit card or debit card. (Should it be that your data is in excess of the 30GBs allowance we offer as part of our data recovery service you may be asked to purchase an external storage device from our stocks). Once you have made payment we will recover your data and return it to you via next day courier. For more information call our team today on 01223 655015 and they will be happy to provide you with an initial diagnosis, a no obligation quote and details of our No Fix No Fee policy which is available to all of our customers. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre and we are closed Christmas Day and Easter.