Gosport Data Recovery

Data Recovery Gosport: Did you know that everyday thousands of hard drives are thrown away with the data of their users still on them and left unrecovered because many computer users don’t know that it is possible to recover such data? Our data recovery engineers have been providing our clients – old and new – with a premier service that has enabled them to retrieve their data and pick up where they left off, avoiding the costly time spent trying to reconstitute data from out of data sources. Before throwing away your old hard drive call our team on 01223 655015 and ask for a no obligation quote.

The hard drive is one of the most important parts of the computer. Possibly the most important part some might argue because of the fact that it allows for the storage and accessing of your information long after you have produced it. This is all well and good as our data recovery Gosport engineers know but the downside to this – and unfortunately there is one – is that the hard drive just like any other component within your computer is prone to failure.

It has been said to our data recovery Gosport engineers many times that the individual who invents the unbreakable hard drive will be a millionaire many times over. And this is true and the reason that he or she would become so rich is because such an endeavour whilst fantastic in theory is simply wishful thinking. We can testify to the fact that because many of the hard drives in use today use moving components – and components of a very delicate persuasion – the chances of them malfunctioning is always great.

To look at a hard drive most computer users see it as a slab of metal that fits inside the computer and allows you to store information. It is that to a degree but our hard drive recovery service is designed to see beyond this outer shell and deal with the issues that really matter; those surrounding the components inside such as the read/write heads, platters, actuator arms, actuator shafts and also the logic board (controller board) that ensure the firmware governs the hard drive’s communication with the rest of the computer.

My hard drive has failed, is the data lost?

Depending on the nature of the failure our data recovery Gosport engineers would say no it isn’t. At this time it may be inaccessible or appear lost but it is there somewhere, lurking deep behind a series of error messages and broken components. Using our state of the art recovery technology, 16+ years’ experience and our own unique recovery techniques, we can help retrieve that data and return it to you in a form that will enable you to access it again or copy it to a new hard drive.

Gaining access to your data again happens after our data recovery Gosport engineers need to retrieve it. Call us today on 01223 655015 and speak to a member of our team who will provide you with an initial assessment of the situation, a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and a no obligation quote. (Our quote may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered a mechanical failure). Once you are happy that we can retrieve your data we ask that you send the drive to us here at our data recovery Gosport and Hampshire centre. You can use Royal Mail, courier or deliver it in person if you so wish.

When the drive has been received our data recovery Gosport engineers will make a firm diagnosis of the problem and report back with their findings via email. The email we send you will include a comprehensive list of all files, folders and directories that are to be recovered (if the data is larger than 30GBs we may ask you to purchase an external storage device from our stock). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment to us by BACS transfer, faster payment across accounts or credit/debit card. On receipt of payment we will recover your data to its new media and return it using next day courier (this is included within the quote we have provided you with). We do not accept PayPal. For more information on the levels of data recovery we offer call our personnel today on 01223 655015 between 9am and 6pm; our telephone lines are manned during these hours and our data recovery centre is also open at during these times (we are closed Christmas Day and Easter).