Central Bedfordshire Data Recovery

Data Recovery Central Bedfordshire: Hard drives, external hard disk drives, mass storage devices, network assisted storage (NAS) devices, RAID servers, email servers, ‘virtual cluster’ storage nodes, USB memory sticks, SD memory cards; all of these devices and many others are prone to a loss of data if they malfunction and for the last 16+ years our team of specialist engineers have been providing data recovery services for the businesses and domestic computer users of Central Bedfordshire and Bedfordshire. For more information on how we can help reunite you with your lost or inaccessible data plus a no obligation no hassle quotation, call us today on 01223 655015.

We have become a nation that relies heavily on our computers for many of the tasks we perform during our working day. Indeed even at night when we come home our computers play an integral part in what we do and how we do it. Our data recovery Central Bedfordshire engineers are often asked for assistance in the recovery of data that has been rendered lost or inaccessible on such computers after the hard drive or attached storage device has failed, leaving the user unable to continue with the data they need.

Hard drives and other storage devices are often similar to water or electricity in that you take them for granted until they are not there. Our data recovery Central Bedfordshire engineers know only too well how this can be frustrating and time consuming especially if you have a project that is time constrained and requires completion before a particular deadline is reached. To this end our data recovery team offer a variety of different recovery solutions that cater for budget and timescale.

Finding that you are unable to access the data you need can be a frustrating affair and even more so without the proper data recovery methods being employed it can be catastrophic if the data is rendered lost permanently. With this in mind we recommend avoiding where possible the use of 3rd party software packages that offer much in the way of data recovery but sadly produce very little. Before you attempt to use such a program we would heartily recommend contacting our team on 01223 655015.

Data recovery software – the pros and the cons!

Our data recovery Central Bedfordshire engineers are not in the business of judging other recovery companies or methods however when it comes to purchasing or using free 3rd party recovery software from the Internet one must exercise great care. Generally these programs offer little in the ways of a guarantee (we offer a No Fix No Fee policy) and some programs can insist on attempting to reformat or partition a drive in order to recover data; this is a bad move as damage to the drive can be amplified by reformatting or partitioning existing sectors.

Before attempting to use a 3rd party recovery program – free or otherwise – we recommend talking to our data recovery Central Bedfordshire engineers. You can call them today on 01223 655015 between 9am and 6pm and speak to a member of our team who will make an initial diagnosis of the problem and provide you with a no obligation no hassle quotation (this quote may include an additional charge if the drive has experienced mechanical damage). If you are happy that we can recover your data and do so with a much higher degree of success than any 3rd party recovery software we ask that you send the drive or storage device in question to our data recovery Central Bedfordshire and Bedfordshire centre. We accept deliveries by post (we recommend you record or register your package for peace of mind as we cannot be held responsible for the loss of an item in transit), courier or feel free to drop it in personally if you are near to us.

Having received the storage device into our data recovery centre our data recovery Central Bedfordshire personnel will make a full and detailed inspection of the device and report back to you with our findings by email. We will detail exactly what has caused the problem and list comprehensively what data can be successfully recovered (if the data is larger than our 30GBs volume normally recovered to data DVD we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment to us by BACS transfer (faster payment between accounts) or credit/debit card. On receipt of full payment our personnel will recover your data to its new media or storage device and return it to you via next day courier service (the cost of which is included in the quote we have already provided you with). For more information on the levels of data recovery we offer plus a no obligation hassle free quotation call us today on 01223 655015. Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre and an engineer is waiting to take your call now. We are closed Christmas Day and Easter. We hope you won’t need to avail of a data recovery service but if you do we are confident that we offer the premier service in Central Bedfordshire (see our testimonials page to see what our existing clients think).