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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have a Dell PowerEdge 1800 server with a raid 5 array containing 3 disks. There was no problem with this system, and I happily saved data to it until yesterday, when the array started to give me error notices. The most common message from the server was that one of the disks was in a non-critical state. I closed down the server, and took out the disk which was named as failing. I then rebooted the system, but found that I couldn’t get the operating system to start. Looking at the server in BIOS, I can see that the OS is now missing, along with most if not all of the data. I attempted to create a rebuild of the RAID 5 array using another new hard drive, but this did not work. I can’t seem to get the data back from the remaining drives.


I need some help with an HP ProLiant 370 that has developed a number of problems. The company use the ProLiant as the main server for our network, and attached to it is an array, which contains 5 hard drives in a RAID 5 formation, which are used to store data from across the network. Recently, one of the hard drives failed, causing it to shut down while data was being saved to the server. We have a secondary server, and I took a drive from that, and replaced it into the ProLiant, hoping to create a rebuild. This did not work, and now I am getting an error message asking me to put the hard drives into the correct sequence. Now, I have not moved any of the drives apart from the one which was reported as failed, so I can’t understand why the server has not tried to rebuild the RAID 5 with the new drive. The problem is that the server contains a massive amount of data which could not easily be replaced, if at all. We thought that using the RAID 5 would mean that we were protected from any kind of data loss such as the one we have just experienced.