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RAID 1 Failures and Data Recovery


I need help with an Intel server which is connected to a RAID 1 system. I have had to replace all of the old hard drives that have previously been in the array, as there was a disk failure in one of the drives. I could not identify which of the drives was causing the problem, so I decided to fit two larger drives, with 2TB storage space, over the array. I got the first drive early, and put the drive into the array, and tried to run a rebuild so that I could recover the data which was on the older drives. It all seemed to be ok, until I got the second drive, and tried to install that into the array as well. I put it into the server array, and started up the computer, but it seems to become stuck at an early boot point, and won’t work. I have spent most of today trying to get the array to work, both with and without the new drive, but the system seems completely stuck.


I am having a problem with an HP ProLiant server which has a RAID 1 array connected. Recently, one of the drives failed, and so I removed and then replaced it. The new drive, which should have been exactly the same as the old one, is being identified as a non-member of the array, and the rebuild process fails every time I try to run it. I have tried t get into the Windows system in order to restart the rebuild, but Safe Mode through BIOS simply hangs on the OS loading screen, having trouble starting something called classpnp.sys. I have tried to connect the array using a SATA cable, but so far absolutely nothing has worked. I want to rebuild in order to extract the data which is being held by the system, and I don’t know of any way to do it apart from through this rebuild process which I don’t want to do as it risks the data getting corrupt beyond repair.