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Retrieve Data From A Lenovo Desktop PC


I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre 51 which is not able to connect to the internet. This is after a long period where I had internet access every day, and so I took a lot of data off of the internet, and kept it in a special set of folders. This allowed me to locate the webpages I needed for work research, and I only had to press a button to find them. The problem is since the computer has now lost internet connection, I can’t access the folders which held the webpages. I have looked everywhere to try and find them, but they just don’t seem available at all. I don’t know how I should recover these files, and I need them for work. I have tried connecting to the internet, to see if that would bring the folders up, but there was no response. I would really like to be able to recover those folders, preferably as soon as possible.


I have a problem with a Lenovo A51 ThinkCentre. I recently had to change the CMOS battery on the computer. I have done this before for other computers in the company, and so it should not have been a problem. However, this time the system just refuses to boot up. It says that there is no Operating System available. I have tried to set the BIOS to the default setting, but it is still not loading up the OS. I then tried to put it into AHCI mode, and got a few options including Last Known Good. I tried to access the desktop from this point, and while I could do that, there was a lot of data missing which had not been backed up to the server. I have tried to recover the missing data by running a few software programs, but there is nothing there. The programs only report that the hard drive has bad sectors, which it didn’t have before the CMOS was replaced.