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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I am trying to fit my Gateway 3105 with a replacement hard drive. The old one has been removed, and I have fitted the new one inside the enclosure, with all of the plugs installed. I then fitted the old hard drive up to a SATA cable, so that I could transfer data between the two drives. This is where the problems began, because I have not been able to get the computer to recognise the first hard drive. It contains the old operating system, which had been working fine, and it also contains a lot of information and data that I want to keep, and which was also working fine before this sudden failure. I need the data extracted from the old hard drive, so that it can be transplanted into the new one, and I want to do this quickly so that I have my data ready when I come to complete an artwork at the end of term.


I am using a Gateway desktop which is displaying some error messages. The most significant of these is the Blue Screen of Death, which says that there is a problem with the memory. I am not able to get into Windows OS, because this BSOD appears after the Windows Loading page, rather than the desktop. I have tried running memory tests in BIOS, and they all seem to think that there is no problem at all with the memory. I have double-checked this test to make sure that there is no mistake, but it seems as though there is no way of getting back into the operating system. The Blue Screen of Death also has a second message, which includes large data dumps, even though I have not added any data to the computer. I assume that something has gone wrong, with the hard drive.