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Rescue The Data From Your Dell PC


I have a Dell Dimension 5150 which has stopped working. I can hear it working, with the hard drive going around and the fans working. The problem is that none of the hardware is functioning, not the mouse, the keyboard, nor the monitor. Although I assume that the computer is POSTing correctly, I don’t know because I can’t see anything on the monitor. I have checked all of the hardware using another computer, and it is all working there. When plugged into the computer, none of them light up, and there is no power or communication at all. I can push out the DVD drive, and can put in a CD, and the system will start spinning it around. I don’t know whether this is a computer problem, or whether it is the hardware. I am guessing that not all of the hardware could go at once, so this makes me think that it is the computer which has gone down. In addition, the devices do work in another computer. I need the data recovered as soon as possible as I have a project on the hard drive that has a deadline in 2 days times.


I have a Dell Inspiron 530 which is causing me a little bit of neckache. What happened was that my cat was walking along the keyboard, and suddenly, the monitor display has tilted about 90 degrees to the right. I cannot correct it, I don’t really understand what has happened. I tried pressing the buttons on the monitor, but this has not helped. I have also tried going into the Control Panel to see if I can sort it out there, but I can’t see one thing which relates to my problem. At the moment, I am having to bend my neck to the right in order to read anything on the screen, and this is naturally not an easy thing to do. I have tried pressing the keys which I thought that the cat might have walked on, but there doesn’t seem to be any change. I am a bit worried about trying anything else, as I don’t want to make the situation worse as I have very important data on the hard drive and I can hear low level clicking noises coming for the Dell computer.