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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I have a problem with my Compaq Evo D500. It has had no problems until last month, when I wanted to move the hard drive and CD-ROM into another system, a Dell tower. This didn’t work, as the items wouldn’t take, and now I have another problem. Ever since I have reinstalled them into the Evo, it has sounded 3 loud beeps on booting up, and then shuts down. There is nothing on the screen so I can’t get in to amend the set up. I know that hearing more than one beep from a computer is not good news, so I guess that I have made a serious mistake when I loaded up the hard drive and the ROM into the tower, and then put them back.


I have a problem with a Compaq Evo 500. It is not a new model, and has been used for many years without properly defragging, etc. I’m a bit afraid to try anything new now, just in case the entire thing gives up the ghost. Lately, the computer has been sending me an error message which says that the hard drive is almost completely full. It says something like it is running out of space on the hard drive. I have tried to clean up a little, getting rid of old files and programs which I no longer need, but I think that something more serious is going to have to happen before I can recover the space that the system needs. Just as I purchased a portable hard drive to backup my data the system failed. It now won’t boot up at all.