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Mac Recovery


I have a problem booting up my iMac when I turn it on. I can press the power button, but the system will not even make any noise when I try to power up. Instead, it opens silently onto the Apple logo screen, and then nothing else happens. I have a number of important pieces of data on the computer, including documents and a couple of graphs and charts which show how successful the company has been since last year. I need this data in order to show it in a presentation to the company directors later on this month. I have tried to resolve the problem on my own by trying the recovery, but nothing is happening. I really need the data, and don’t want to risk a complete recovery which could damage the data in the folders.


I have a new version of the Macbook Air, from the early parts of 2013. I have been working on the computer for several months, and have created a partition which was designed to be used as a Bootcamp for Windows 7. I eventually decided not to put Windows on the Macbook, and so I deleted the partition. Since that deletion, I am not able to get into the Macintosh, instead booting straight into the would-be Windows partition. I am not sure what has happened, but I suspect that I have deleted the wrong partition, and that it is the Mac OS which has been lost. This is a serious problem, as I have a lot of data saved on the Mac partition in my computer which I will need to use in the future. I don’t want to lose this data, so I will need to recover it from Mac OS before I re-install any of the operating systems.