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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I have a Toshiba Satellite computer from 2008. The computer itself is broken and completely unworkable, but the hard drive inside has data on it that I really need. I have removed the hard drive from the laptop, and fitted it inside a new laptop that I had prepared. When I booted it up, I was greeted with a message which requested that I enter my user name and password. I have never put any such thing on the hard drive, and don’t know where it could have come from. Nothing I can do will cause the hard drive to stop asking for the password. I know that these particular user or master passwords are tied to a motherboard or the BIOS, but because I don’t have access to the Toshiba Satellite laptop any more, I can’t get access to the BIOS or the password.


I need help with a Toshiba laptop hard drive which appears to have suddenly changed the configuration of the file system. The first problem is that the drive has stopped appearing as a drive at all, but now is labelled as a PENDRIVE, whatever that is. The second problem is that the drive was an NTFS system, but is now showing up as FAT32. I know this is not right, because I have previously examined the files and know that they were definitely the former system, not the latter. When I try and add anything to the drive, it refuses to save anything, saying that the file size is only 4gb. I have also tried to open files by clicking twice, and get an error which says that it can’t find the files. I have also right clicked with explore, and viewed the data.