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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


The problem is mainly that I need to reboot the OS of my computer, as it is failing and data files I need are getting lost from the hard drive. I wanted to use the CD repair drive to resolve this, but it won’t boot up when I put it into the drive. A consultation online suggested that this was a problem in the BIOS system, and that I should go onto BIOS and change the priorities, so that the repair disk would boot up when the laptop was starting. I have tried to go into the BIOS setup in a number of ways, including pressing F12 and Esc when I am on the Welcome screen. I have also tried F1 with alt and ctrl (not at the same time), but this is also not working.


I have a Fujitsu Lifebook S2020 system which seems to have lost the operating system. I had to do an upgrade into Windows 7, as my computer was starting to run very slowly and it was lagging both before and after the Windows page is used. I decided to buy a Windows 7 package, and installed it on the computer. I thought that this had been fine, but not long after the installation, I had to do a series of upgrades. Then I had to do some more. After the final lot of upgrades to the OS, I rebooted, and got an error message. The computer will start as usual, and then put up an error message saying that there is no OS found. I need the data from the laptop if possible.