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Recovering Data from a Laptop


I have an HP Compaq NX9010 which is under the thrall of a virus. It won’t start up into Windows properly, instead it says that my OS is not found. It is also rebooting itself constantly, so that if I can get into Windows by using the Safe Mode, I quickly get kicked out. This means that I have not been able to download my data, and am not able to access important files for long enough to download them.

HP Laptop

I have an HP laptop which is not responding to an external hard drive. This is a Buffalo hard drive which I have been using to record all of my files on. The laptop will no longer recognise the hard drive. When I connect it to the laptop, there is still the same ‘bing’, and an icon appears on the screen in My Computer and Device manager. However, when I open up My Computer, and try to click on the icon by the drive letter where the system is plugged in, I get a message saying that the database file I need is a shortcut, and then offers to delete it. I have tried using different USB ports, and even tried connecting the hard drive through a SATA cable, and nothing seems to work.