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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I am having a problem with a newly bought Asus Transformer Book laptop. This device was working fine for a few months, then one day the computer would not come on, and there was only a dim orange light which kept blinking at me. I could not activate the system at all, which was a bit inconvenient, since I had already loaded work onto it. I turned the computer over, and looked at the battery. I could see the power button from there, and it was clear that the on switch has somehow sunk into the laptop, and cannot be popped back out. I have tried shaking it, but nothing is happening. The Asus machine is stuck in that orange power light, and nothing I can do will get it back out again. I have some important lecture notes on the laptop, and need to recover it.


I have an Asus Vivobook X202 laptop. This device was bought as a present because I needed a laptop while my husband and I were travelling around the country. What has happened recently is that the OS has crashed, and I can now hear something rattling around inside the laptop. I know that it has not been dropped, hit, or otherwise damaged, but I do think that the hard drive has failed somehow, and perhaps something has dropped out of it. I have written a lot of data to that machine, and I know that if the hard drive is broken this is usually a job for the experts like yourselves.