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WD Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

Western Digital My Passport 1TB External HDD
I have used a Western Digital My Passport 1TB External HDD for a while now and I haven’t encountered any problems with it. However, when I worked earlier today, I wasn’t able to use it properly on this new computer at work. What happened was that after plugging it on the computer, a prompt saying “This hard drive must be formatted in order to use” appeared. This is the first I used the HDD on this computer but I have never encountered such error before. When plugged on the USB port, I can hear the disk pin similar to how it is before and the light flashes as a note that it is ready for use, but I cannot use it. When I go to the task bar, I can see the hard drive as My Passport 0740 and all I can do with it is to eject it. When on My Computer window, the hard drive can be seen but I cannot access it. Furthermore, the capacity of the drive is not shown unlike before. As a diagnostic measure, I ran TestDisk and it returned “No partition is bootable.”

Western Digital Hard Drive
I posted before about the clicking problem I experienced on my Western Digital hard drive. It seems the only fix is to try a PCB swap. I recently found a donor drive that has the same firmware, model number, and PCB serial as my bad hard drive. It tested it on my computer and I found it to be functional. I tried changing the PCB but did not work, hard drive made a clicking noise non-stop.