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Samsung Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

1TB Samsung Spinpoint Hard Drive
I’ve been having this annoying matter with my 1TB Samsung Spinpoint Hard Drive for quite some time now. When I wake up my computer from hibernate mode, the hard drive sometimes doesn’t wake up with it. Therefore, it appears to be undetected by the machine and the operating system fails to load. This only happens when I run the computer on AHCI mode and never happens on IDE mode. Usually when I turn it on IDE mode, the problem goes away. Just one reboot and it runs smoothly again. However, this annoying thing is becoming a major problem as now the hard drive won’t boot at all.

Samsung Spinpoint M7E HM321HI 320GB 2.5″ Internal Notebook Hard Drive
I recently experienced a power outage on my computer and I think this has hit my hard drive massively. When the power got back, I rebooted my computer but it no longer recognises my hard drive. By the way, I own a Samsung Spinpoint M7E hard drive that is directly installed on my laptop. I tried to diagnose it by going through BIOS but it hangs when I try. The laptop freezes and it doesn’t load the BIOS. When the laptop is turned on, I can hear loud clicking noise coming from hard drive. I decided to get a new drive to replace the platters but after doing this, the new drive is also behaving like the first drive. How come the new hard drive got damaged as well? Aside from the first power outage, I never experienced another outage again and I never dropped the laptop to cause physical damage to the hard drives. It is really important for me to get the old drive recovered as it contains essential business information and sadly, I don’t have any backup.