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Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

Maxtor One Touch4 500 GB External Hard Drive
I have been using a Maxtor external hard drive for a few months now. It has been reliable so far despite falling from the table a few times. Sadly though, several days ago, my computer no longer detects it. By the way, I am using Windows XP SP3. The drive is not seen on My Computer. It is also not present in Disk Management. The green light stays gray. When I plug it on the computer, it does not show that a new device is already available. It concerns me a lot because I have about 300 GB of data stored in it. Sometimes when it is turned on it beeps every after several seconds (I presume after around 15 seconds). The disk inside sounds like its spinning okay but the beeping sound is unusual.

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9
I just got my new Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 a few weks ago. It is equipped 160 GB of storage capacity and I installed immediately on my computer to add storage space to it. Installing it was easy. I just opened my computer, plugged it into on the available ports connected to the board, and I was good to go. Everything went smoothly. When I turned on my computer, which was running on Windows XP Pro, the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 was detected and it was installed properly. When I opened the Disk Management program, it automatically opened a wizard that initialized the hard drive. This helped in creating the new drive into a dynamic disk. I copied all my data in My Documents and my itunes library as my C drive was getting full. I deleted the data on the C Drive after I copied it to free up space. A few months later I needed some of the files I backed up, to my horror I could not access the Maxtor hard drive. In disk management I always get the error message “The operation did not complete. Check the system log for more information on the error. Close the disk management console, then restart disk management before retrying the operation.” I don’t want to do anything in disk management as I need the data from the disk.