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IBM Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

IBM Travelstar 40GN hard drive
I decided to invest in a Travelstar 40GN by IBM. It’s been operating perfectly fine for a while and never had problems with installing it in the first place. Out of nowhere with nothing hardware or software related, it just started getting disconnected and is not being recognised by my computers. I took them out and reinstalled the hardware all over again. After all of that, it remains to be unallocated. I would’ve gone through the effort of reformatting the darn thing just to start with a clean slate but I’m leaving that as a final option so I don’t lose my files.

IBM Simple Swap Hard Drive
We use an IBM Simple Swap Hard Drive, that has been doing the business for us for 7 years but now we are having problems as it is giving error codes when we try to access it. We had a look at the IBM SONAS Installation and User’s Guide but did not list the error codes we were getting. We contacted IBM support who did not give us much help at all. The data is business critical so what are our options for recovery?