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Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery Requests via Email

Hitachi XL 3000
I bought this hard drive for my home data storage back up. I use a Mac Pro at home and have no problems with it. I’ve bought a previous Hitachi model external hard drive before and had no problem reformatting it for my Mac. (I’ve always favored Hitachi over Seagate and WD). This is the first XL 3000 I bought and have found it to be faulty already just after 4 weeks! Despite all my efforts for 2 whole weekends, I have not been able, for the life of me, recover the data that is on the drive. Apple Disk Utility has met a worthy opponent in this guy. No matter how many times I put it in there, it just starts showing error messages. And then, about a few tries ago, ADU just doesn’t get a grasp of it entirely – it’s just constantly being spat out. I need the data recovered from the disk ASAP.

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro
I have a just-about 1 year old Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 500GB. For the first few months of operation has been alright until recently, I only plug the Mobile Pro once every month or so, just to back up the files on my laptop. And I only mostly have photos from vacations and other events on there. We don’t even have a lot of photos – at the time, the storage was only at 160 GB when the problem came in. When I tried accessing – just viewing – not editing or moving – the photos, I started getting errors and then the drive will automatically shut itself down and eject itself from the laptop. On the last time it happened, the files just all got deleted. Just wiped out, not a single one left. This is devastating. Most of the files, I have on my laptop, but files from about 5-3 years ago were all on that drive and it just disappeared. Please, we would like some help in doing some data recovery for our photos.