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Netgear Data Recovery


I have had a lot of problems with my Netgear Readynas over the years, from not being able to install it properly, to the drive failing to recognise disks or partitions in my computer. Perhaps I should have taken these troubles as a hint, but I’m not very experienced and I thought that at least part of the problem was me doing the wrong think. Recently, however, a problem has occurred which has nothing to do with me. What is happening is that I have to reboot the system regularly, and when the boot is finished, things are disappearing from it. I have so far lost a user account, and one of the hard drives which I had added to the Readynas. I was told that the user account has gone completely, but in fact I can still find it if I do a search, and can still access the Readynas from the account, however I can’t change that account, and nor can I save or remove files through it. The hard drive is still working, but despite repeated reboots to the Readynas, it will not operate on the Network.


I bought a Netgear Readynas product as a supplement to an NV+ device which I had previously used. The device was supposed to be simply a backup, as the NV has lasted me a long time. I decided to purchase the Readynas because I believed that it would be easier to install and more compatible with my other Netgear product. However, turns out that the Readynas is not as durable as the NV. Only a few months into use, the Readynas was being troublesome, and then suddenly, it had a power failure (despite all my other systems working fine from the same power source). I unplugged it, allowed it to cool, and then tried to start it up again. I only got a bright blue light on the front of the box, which would not stop flickering. The device seems to be completely dead apart from that, as it has completely disappeared from the My Computer box, and cannot be found even when putting in the IP.