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LaCie Data Recovery


I am using a Lacie hard drive with a pair of disks inside. I managed to connect up the hard drive to the wrong power adapter, so it seems as though the internal electronics were fried completely. The disk inside the drive won’t spin when plugged in, and there is no power light on the front of the enclosure. I know this is really my own fault, and I should have been more careful, but the practicalities are that I need some help now with a serious problem, and the buying of a new backup drive is secondary. I have passed a voltmeter over the damaged drive, and it seems to be indicating that the two diodes inside the connector are the parts that are blown. It looks to me as though replacing these, or the power connector board, would be the ideal solution.


I have been using a Lacie Rugged 1Tb drive with a Mac for a while now. I recently purchased a new drive which was intended as a secondary backup. While attempting to make backups of all my work onto this drive, I accidentally partitioned the hard drive, and also journaled it. I tried to get it fixed professionally, but the process took over a week, and while they were able to save some of the pictures, the movie files have been returned with green screens and no sound. I am looking to recover the rest of the files which were on that old disk, and am hoping that I will be able to do that for myself after the poor job that was done on it before. I don’t know why the movie files have gone green. I took the drive to PC World but they could not recover the data.