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Iomega Data Recovery Services


I have been using an Iomega StorCentre, which has worked perfectly until recently. What happens is that, when I plug in the drive, it starts to flash a red light at the front, and the drive will not operate. I attempted to reset the drive by holding the button for 20 seconds, and then turning the power off while continuing to hold the button, and then starting up the power while keeping my finger on the button for another 15 seconds. However, this seems to have made a bad situation even worse. I cannot access the hard drive files, although I can see the device in Disk manager. The computer tells me that a new device has been added, but it continually wants to reformat the drives. This means that I am struggling to get the drives back, but don’t want to reformat as the drives contain critical data – it contains important family photographs.


I have been using an Iomega NAS external hard drive to back up our network of computers. I had a problem recently which meant that I could not retrieve my data. Fortunately, I was able to use a recovery program to help me with that, but I am now having further problems with the hard drive. What happens is that I can no longer see the unit on the control panel for the network, and when I try to log into it through Disk manager, I am receiving an error message telling me that I am using the ‘wrong password’. I have had the same password for a while, and have always been able to get into the Iomega external hard drive before. Since I cannot use the password, this means that I can’t do things such as change the name of the drive, or assign it a driver letter. The latter is preventing me from viewing the drive on the Control Panel, so you can see that I am having trouble accessing the drive and thus accessing the rest of the data I have not backed up.