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I am having a problem with an NAS system which I have been using for some time. This is a Buffalo Linkstation, with 2 disks. Recently, it suddenly disappeared from my network device, and there was an error appearing on my computer when I tried to link to it. I could not get any response from the device, so I chose to remove the disks, and to fit them onto my desktop using an SATA device. I can see the drives in BIOS, and also in Device Manager, but cannot find it anywhere under My Computer. I would like to view the external hard drive, so that I can recover some important data which remains available on the drive. As the Buffalo Linkstation still shows up in BIOS and the DMU, I thought that I should be able to find it easily, but that does not seem to be the case.


I have recently finished a build for a PC and copied my important data to a Buffalo Linkstation before I wiped my old PC. I have a small problem with my Buffalo Linkstation Duo. This is the NAS enclosure which I have installed, with 2 hard drives, one of each of a Seagate and a AAKS. The Seagate was bought recently, and fitted alongside the older disk. However, no matter how hard I try, THE Buffalo Linkstation Duo is not visible on any area of my computer. I have looked in BIOS and under Device Management, but not on the computer itself, I even looked in the storage facility of the computer (I am using Windows 7). I am wondering whether I need to format the drive again for Windows 7, or if it is necessary to remove the disk and to use something else in the drive. The data is critical to our Graphics Design business so we really need the data.