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Camera Data Recovery


I have a relatively new Sony memory card which I have been using in a digital camera. The card was formatted before use, as most cards have to be this day. I then took some photographs, and saved them using the camera’s own system. I did not use the camera for a while, and when I plugged it in next, I got a message saying that there was no external memory available. I took the card out of the camera, and inserted it into a card reader, trying to get the pictures that were already saved on the card. However, the computer keeps saying that the card needs to be formatted before it can be used. The computer Properties for the card say that it is up to date, and fully working, but it also says that there is no storage space being used. Is it possible to recover the pictures from the card? I don’t have any other mementos of the occasions when I took the pictures, so they have some emotional value.


I have been using a camera memory card, which has worked well for a number of months. I took some pictures, and then my mother took the camera and tried to download the pictures onto her computer. At first, she thought that this had worked well, but then the computer started to show errors, and we have also noticed that there are some missing pictures, so all of the photographs we have are out of sequence. I have looked at the memory card using Properties, but it doesn’t seem to have these pictures on the card in the card reader. I also now cannot access the pictures through the camera, as it says that there are no archives available, and the computer is also refusing to look at the card. I have checked that the card is unlocked, as I know this can cause problems, and I have also tried the card out in different card readers. The photographs are part of a portfolio required by my college, and I badly need the pictures which are missing.