Case Study 3: HP Proliant 370 Server – No Hot Spare

Client was using the HP Proliant 370 Server as the main storgae server on their company network. The raid array consisted of 5 sas 300gb drives. The client is a large finance company so the server was used by all their European offices to store everyday business data. One if the hard drive’s failed without warning, the hot spare on raid array kicked in and rebuilt the server. Server worked fine for 4 months until another disk failed in the raid array. Unfortunately the client forgot to replace the hot spare and thus the drive had no redundancy.

We received in the 5 sas drives from the HP server and imaged all the working drives and put them back in their box. We diagnosed that the failed disk has a common seagate sas firmware failure and thus upgraded the firmware code on the drive so that we could image the failed disk. We need imaged the disk and processed all data from the HP server.

* We are specialists in recovering data from failed raid sas hard drives.