Case Study 2: Synology DiskStation Disk Platter Damage

Client was using a Synology DiskStation with 2 x 3TB hard drives. The Synology DiskStation without warning crashed for some unknown reason. The Synology DiskStation is now making a loud screeching noise and sevral beeps. Client switched on and off the Synology DiskStation but same screeching and beeping noises. The noise seemed to be coming from one of the hard drives so client removed the hard drive making the noises and replaced it with a new disk. The Synology DiskStation did not boot up but at least the noises stopped.

We received in the Synology DiskStation and diagnosed that the system was a Raid 0 system. One of the raid 0 hard drives had a mechanical failure. There was a failure of the read/write heads and also some minor media damage on the disk platter surface. We recommedned a platter swap procedure and imaged 98% of the sectors. We processed the Raid 0 system and extract 98% of the data.

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