Case Study 1: Macbook Air – Failed Mountain Lion Update

Client had been using Macbook air which contains some valuable data including some expensive Apps and also photos and vido that cannot be replaced. Problems started when client completed Mountain Lion update on Mac Air and now client cannot boot up laptop. The client receives a question mark and nothing else. Client got the hard drive removed from Mac Air and inserted it into a usb caddy but usb caddy did not recognise the hard drive.

We received the hard drive in and diagnosed that the problem was firmware issues with the hard drive. The firmware code got corrupted and as a result hard drive went into factocy mode and would not boot up. We reflashed the firmware and backed up data for client onto a portable hard drive. We also sent client back the drive as reflashing the hard drive fixed it.

* If you have an Apple Mac with firmware problems we have the largest hard drive firmware database within the UK.