Raid 5 Server Failure


I have been using a RAID 5 array configured through a dedicated OS drive on a server. I have had the system in place for years, but am having problems since the OS drive stopped working, and the entire array is being reported by the system as having ‘failed’. The array has completely disappeared from the operating system, and I have not been able to view the drives through the BOIS system, nor when I go into Windows Manager. I have linked up the array to the alternative PC, and it seems to respond by lighting up all of the hard drives, but I am not able to view any of the drives on Windows Manager, and I can’t find the data which should have been available on the drives. Some of this data is quite old, and has not been backed up anywhere else.


I need help with a Fujitsu RAID 5 array which is not showing up when I am working on my Windows desktop in the usual way. I can only get into the array through BIOS, and the Safe Mode screen, which is refusing to allow me to access any of the data inside the drives. When I go into Windows through the usual Start Up process, the array is not visible in My Computer or in Disk Management, and so I am unable to download the data using that method. When I go into BIOS, I can see the drives, and also look at the data, but it will not let me save the files to the PC, and nor will it allow me to save them to a USB flash drive. The Fujitsu array itself has been on the way out for a while, but the drives were working fine. I have a lot of data on the drives which has yet to be backed up.