Apple PowerMac Recovery


I recently bought a PowerMac G5 from a refurbishment company. The computer was made in 2005, and the hard drive is almost new, and I could save data to it with no problem at all until this weekend. I tried to do a software install so that I could partition the disk which would allow me to create a Windows 7 bootcamp. I ran the install disk, but rather than booting up to the disk so that I could choose to partition, I could not even get into that screen. Instead, what I got was just the grey Apple logo, and the pinwheel cursor, apparently spinning forever. I shut down the computer, started it up, and tried to run the install disk again. The same problem happened, and now it occurs each time I restart the computer. The hard drive is spinning, but I can’t get past the grey screen. It seems to be looking for the start-up disk. More importantly, it is not allowing me to get into any options which would allow me to recover the data which I have already installed on the Mac desktop.


I have an Apple PowerMac from 2005-6. I used it with the Tiger OS, which is one of the older operating systems. I have saved a bit of data to the drive, including lots of pictures and other images which are important to me. I noticed that the system was getting very slow, and so I chose to do a refresh. I turned it off, and then rebooted, intending to see if I could get a faster speed. However, when I turned the system back on, I could not get anywhere near the desktop. I get the grey loading screen, but then it turns into a blue spinning wheel, right at the centre of the screen. I can’t stop it from doing this, and when the wheel is going, I can’t do anything more. I need to get a recovery company to extract the data.